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With modern construction techniques and the latest building materials to increase the amount of living space – we create customized home additions that extend in the opposite direction. We’re your local home builder who can manage extra space through bump-out and addition services. Contact our contractors today.

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How To Do A Bump-Out Addition?

This home addition generally extends sideways or from the front and rear. There are structural engineers, designers, architects, planners, and interior designers who aid in constructing these new homes. The construction is carried out by expanding the area with cantilevers on which the new house is positioned or rests. By doing this, we can create more living space. For example, it could be a brand new kitchen, bathroom, or laundry. 

The price of a bump-out addition is less because you don’t need to build a new foundation since the entire structure is supported by beams that function as cantilevers. It’s a kind of home extension. It is an attached structure built with wood beams that extend outwards.

When To Hire Room Addition Contractors?

When you are faced with the problem of space shortages at home, you have to consider room addition. Families that are growing typically require more space to perform their everyday tasks. We accomplish this by implementing bump-out additions and smart interior conversions to make use of empty areas. It’s much more practical and affordable than buying a brand new house.  

Room addition to an existing home will solve all of the issues. It’s a fantastic idea for growing families because you gain an area for living and functional space in an existing home or the property. The additions can be done both externally and internally, ideally to meet the needs of space in your home. If you feel that your home is getting too cramped, inadequate, and uncomfortable, you should consider an addition to your home or room service in a clinical method. All Bay Builders Performance can be your reliable general contractor.

Is It Cheaper To Build A House Or Add An Addition?

A home addition is more affordable than creating it from scratch. For example, when you construct the structure of an existing home, you can add the walls in a constructed condition. It will save you lots of construction costs. 

A bump-out addition can extend to the side by using cantilevers, and then the structure is placed. In this case, you don’t have to build an entirely new foundation. Thus, it is not difficult to comprehend why an addition to your home is always less costly to construct compared to a brand new one built in the backyard. It can be an indoor or exterior addition connected to one or more of the existing walls and its entry point.

Why Choose Our Custom Home Addition Services?

All Bay Builders Performance provides customized home additions or space extensions for smaller homes. The modern city apartment is limited in space. However, that isn’t a reason not to go forward with your planned addition to your living space or an extension. Our experts can help you redesign your house’s interior and layout effortlessly to create an additional living space!  

We can do it using the most recent 3D design software and drawing the exact floor plan. Thus, it can increase the functional living space and add to any home’s resale value. We provide the value of a property and living spaces by strictly adhering to all the building codes, laws, and guidelines that allow for the enjoyment of a spacious and comfortable living for the long haul.

Custom Home Additions San Jose, CA

The modern city homes have a limited area, but this isn’t a reason not to go forward with your planned living space extension or an extension. Our experts can help you redesign your interiors to carve out a new area! It’s done using the most current 3D design software and redrawing the exact floor plan.

Most home additions have similar costs to brand new construction, which costs around $350-500 per square foot.

Most home additions take about 3 to 4 months, especially if it’s a new building. But the size of the home addition affects the time frame for every project.

Any home addition, whether existing or newly built, is not ideal for DIY works. It requires the right tools, experience, and correct strategies.

If you want to add an extra room because of your growing family, or for your tools – then home additions work great. It also increases the value of your home. It not only adds value, luxury, and convenience to your house, but it also allows you to express your own creativity.

Types Of Room Additions San Jose

How about transforming your tiny and cramped home into a larger one? We provide space improvements to all dwellings. It doesn’t matter if it’s bump-out extensions, a full addition or remodel, sunroom extension, or room addition; we are experts in every aspect.  

Our designers will help you modify the house’s layout and increase the space by adding additional rooms. We can take care of it all, from designing a brand new guest room to creating the master bedroom. We use this method to improve living spaces.


Do you need attic conversion or basement conversion service in San Jose? We can help. Our attic/basement contractors can transform your attic/basement into the perfect space for your specific needs.


Whichever type of home addition that you need, we have skills, experience, and tools to do it. Whether it’s an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), new room Add-Ons or bump-out - we can help you. Talk to us.


Redefine your house with new room additions or bump out. You can rest assured your project will be handled with the utmost care from start to finish and post-construction! Contact our San Jose contractors today.


Enjoy a dazzling sunrise or sunset with a sunroom. Imagine the pleasure that comes from resting comfortably in your favorite patio chair, with the sun kissing your skinn. If that sounds as good, then call our sunroom contractor in San Jose, CA.

Garage Conversion

If you need garage conversion in San Jose, All Bay Builders is always ready to help. Our garage renovation specialists can transform your garage and convert it into the perfect space for your specific needs.

Tiny House or ADU

We approach each new ADU or tiny house construction with a method that eliminates the significant complexity of creating a backyard house. At the same time, still ensuring the quality of our work.

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