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All Bay Builders Performance offers various backyard landscaping services for homes that include brick and landscape landscaping, hardscaping, decorative concrete pavers installation, and stamped concrete for your walkway or the pathway. So let’s make your backyard more beautiful and elegant.

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How Much Does San Jose Landscaping Services Cost?

A typical landscaping cost for a new home located in San Jose depends on the nature of the work and the amount of the backyard service project. It includes the price of a certified design, new soil, grass seed, walkways, patios, pathways, hardscaping, etc. There are also sloping and pavers (pavers) expenses. 

Also, it includes the cost of labor, machinery, equipment, and other expenses for materials that can dramatically reduce or increase the cost of your project. Finally, the average cost is calculated depending on dimensions, size, and the total amount of work that a backyard requires.

What Type Of Work Does Landscapers Do?

It is possible to pick from many available residential backyard services. It is based on two fundamental pillars, which are hardscaping and landscaping. It involves designing and constructing patios, walkways, paths, pathways, hedges and plants, ornamental gardens, stone pavers, concrete paving, brick masonry, stone, and deck designs, stone siding, and many other things.  

Landscapers also carry out asphalt pavers, stamped concrete, decorative concrete, and various other landscaping and backyard services that improve the aesthetics and resale worth of any home. Therefore, it is essential to find a reputable general contractor like us who is a long-standing expert in turning your backyard into a space of distinction.  

All Bay Builders Performance offers all of the tasks that a specialist landscaper can provide, including paver, stamped concrete, ornamental concrete stone masonry, asphalt paving, lawn cutting, hedge trimming, and other kinds of landscaping services. In addition, we are a flexible general contractor because we have a specialization in every aspect of home improvement and design.

When Do You Need San Jose Lawn Care Services?

It’s when your home’s backyard is old and has been neglected for years and without maintenance. Since it’s a place for the weekend and late-night relaxation, it should be constructed freshly and appealingly. It is where you can spend enjoying time with family and friends. It is an ideal place to organize barbecues for your colleagues and old friends. 

 All Bay Builders Performance can help you redesign a backyard that has served its purpose and is anticipating a significant redesign in layout, amenities, and design. If you believe that your home’s backyard has become messy or dull, you should think about an extensive renovation.  

It involves transforming the outdoor patio, including decks, paving stones around the pool, and including some interesting artifacts such as sculptures and fountains. We can help you build these structures that make any home’s backyard appear welcoming to visitors.

Why Choose Our Backyard Services in San Jose?

All Bay Builders Performance is an established name in residential backyard services, including landscaping and hardscaping. We’ve delivered previous home improvement projects that meet the particular design requirements of homeowners. We also do this using high-quality paver stones, bricks, and other construction materials. 

All Bay Builders Performance is the most sought-after general contractor in landscaping, with years of experience. You can trust our expert team of masons, structural engineers, planners, designers, and architects.

Custom San Jose Landscaping Services

All Bay Builders Performance is a well-known company in residential hardscaping and landscaping. We offer landscape for homes and hardscaping projects that meet your design using high-grade pavers and construction material. These could be things like pebbles, tiles, rocks, and wood. All Bay Builders Performance is your general contractor for all types of landscaping services.

The price of backyard  landscaping varies widely due to the range of choices that can be made. On average, a backyard landscape service can range from $320 to $20,000 depending on the design.

Most backyard landscaping services a can take anywhere from two days to one week. It all depends on the Complexity of the job, yard size, weather, material shipping, digging, and relocation.

You can always perform a DIY backyard landscape. However, it may reuire more time and the right tools to get it right. Also note that you need to have less room for mistakes. Otherwise, you might end up spending more

The best time to do backyard redesign is during winder, when the space is dormant. But during summer months, it’s when you have to analyze the correct ways about using the space and understand your design.

Types of San Jose Backyard Services

Transform your dull and old-looking backyard into an exciting one. We provide custom design enhancements for backyards of all kinds. It doesn’t matter if it’s an autumn clean-up, pruning, lawn mowing, hedging or irrigation system, or even a display of flowers for the season; we are experts in every aspect.  

Our designers can help you change the boring layout of your backyard and create a more attractive one from planning to designing a beautiful backyard. We can enhance home exteriors in a personalized and professional manner.


In-depth lawn bed maintenance

For quality, reliable lawn and bed maintenance in San Jose, contact us today.

Spring or fall maintenance

If you don’t have time to maintain you landscape during spring or fall, we got you covered.


Let’s help you selectively remove branches from a tree for a healthier growth.


Create beautiful hedges or hedgerow to boost the appearance of your landscape.

Lawn protect and feed

Establish a healthy lawn that can withstand stress from drought, insects, and disease.

Lawn mowing Conclusion

Mowing increases the lawns density and also keeps the root system healthy.

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