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San Jose ADU Garage Conversion

Our skilled professionals in new house construction and ADU design provide fully tailored and approved ADU garage conversion services. We convert outdated garages into ADUs by designing a complex layout that maximizes space and integrates with the surrounding environment. For example, it might be a brand-new master suite with a bath or a self-contained family suite.

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire ADU Builders Bay Area?

The size and overall design of the garage that will be converted into an ADU will determine this. Several factors determine the cost of converting a detached garage into an ADU. It includes the extent of construction, the garage’s size, and the materials utilized to construct the unit. Compared to turning a detached garage into an ADU, retrofitting an existing connected garage would be substantially less expensive, depending on the total size, kind and quality of construction materials utilized, and garage layout.

It includes all costs associated with architecture, local permissions, plan approvals, and, in some situations, inspections. For example, a regular-sized garage in San Jose can cost anywhere from $160 to $200K. However, a small garage conversion will cost far less. 

Is Building ADU Worth It?

ADUs, or Accessory Dwelling Units, are an excellent option to remedy a home’s space shortage. We can assist with designing ADUs that are attached, detached, semi-detached, or ‘above-the-garage.’ Otherwise, you can turn your unused garage into an ‘independent’ secondary dwelling unit with all the necessary utilities in the backyard. 

All Bay Builders Performance is known for converting warehouses and garages into self-contained ADUs that can be used as Granny Flats, mother-in-law apartments, rental spaces, or home offices.

An excellent method to add more living space, boost the property’s market value, and make a consistent monthly income. Creating an additional dwelling unit, whether attached or detached, is 100% worth the whole cost because you may make more than double the investment by renting the ADU. In addition, the rental income gained over time will easily cover the original investment, and you will earn higher profit margins.

ADU Builders Near Me

Before converting to an ADU, lay a new foundation, strengthen the current structure, such as the roof, and reinforce the garage walls. All Bay Builders Performance provides specialized ADU garage conversion solutions for homes with limited space. Our garage to ADU conversion experts creates additional living space by constructing an attached or detached structure and acquiring the necessary local permissions. The new layout was built by visually mapping the total property layout utilizing the latest 3D design technologies. It can be a Regular or Junior ADU, with a 500 to 1200 square feet size range.

In California, 90 percent of garages are transformed into ADUs of various sizes and proportions. Compared to a detached garage in the backyard, the cost of conversion is lower if it is an attached garage. In both cases, the end product is a lovely and spacious living space with all the expected amenities and features.

An ADU can be built above a garage in some circumstances, but the cost will be significant owing to the additional foundation, walls, structures, and framework strengthening. As a result, we analyze the current state of your garage before suggesting any foundation or structural strengthening options. The new residential unit’s walls, ceiling, and foundation must be robust enough to keep residents safe. The garage to ADU conversion work can begin immediately after receiving the necessary approvals from the relevant authorities.


How Long Does It Take To Turn A Garage Into An ADU?

It is actually determined by the size of the existing garage and the renovation scope. Most ADUs typically take nine to twelve months to finish on average. It starts the day you meet our interior designer and architect and ends with delivering your livable living unit in the size, dimension, and style you wish.

On the other hand, a garage conversion can be completed considerably more quickly and easily because the base is already in place, as are the walls, floor, and ceiling. To make the garage entirely usable, you only need to reinforce the existing walls and roof.

As a result, you won’t have to spend as much time on new construction as you would on an entirely new auxiliary dwelling unit, which requires a new foundation. The scope of work and the size of the garage to ADU conversion project are usually factors. You must also factor in the time to obtain all necessary approvals and licenses from the issuing authorities, which might take many months.

Custom ADU Conversion Services By Experienced ADU Builders

Although modern homes have limited space, this should not prevent you from improving their functionality and appearance. Our experts will assist you in creating more living space by constructing an attached or detached ADU and securing the necessary permissions. It is accomplished by using cutting-edge 3D design tools and virtual mapping of the entire property layout. It can be a JADU or a Regular ADU with a size of 450 to 1200 square feet.

Turning your garage into an ADU or vice versa may cost about $80,000 and $150,000. It includes architecture, permitting, working with a contractor to do site prep and construction. However, teh price may further increase depending size and difficulty of the project.

Stick-built ADUs usually take between nine and fourteen months to complete. It usually starts from the first talks with your designer to the completion of the habitable unit.

ADU conversion requires skills, techniques, and the right tools. Thus, it’s not ideal for DIY projects.

A Garage Conversion ADU is an excellent option to increase livable space to an existing home at a reasonable cost. A Garage Conversion ADU may be the ideal choice if you require additional living space fast or have an instant requirement for accommodation or a rental apartment.

Types Of ADU San Jose Garage Conversion

All households can benefit from customized space enhancements. As a general contractor, we specialize in detached garages, including double detached garages, single-detached garages, full and partial garage conversions, and above-the-garage ADUs. So why not transform your cramped living space into a spacious and inviting space?

Our architects and structural engineers can help you transform your garage into an independent family suite or a master bedroom with a kitchen and bath, depending on your needs. We handle everything from designing a new ADU garage to putting it in place on the ground. It is how we improve the amount of functional living space in your home.


Transforming a backyard with a brand new unit.


Create a new home unit attached to the main house.


Convert an existing garage, basement, or bedroom.

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